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Starting in May

New Groove Alpacas

will be introducing

Alpaca Trekking.


Join us and our Alpaca Ambassadors

Kuzco, Indy, MacTavish, Ronin, Coalition

and SunSpot for a nature walk around our

beautiful historic farm! 


The trek will start at the barn and we will walk the perimeter of the property with our alpacas, including around our 1 acre pond.  See a variety of wildlife and hear about the history of the original farmhouse. The trek will end with a visit to our farm store. Please feel free to pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic under the trees near the alpaca pastures.

There will be two treks a day offered Saturday and Sunday at 10am and 2pm. 

We can accommodate up to 6 adults (12 and up) and 6 kids (6-11) per trek.

There is no limit on kids 5 and under. 




Adults (12 and over) will get to choose one of our boys to walk with. Kids 6-11 will be allowed to accompany an adult and the alpaca will be "double" lined so they have their own lead line.  For safety, kids under 6 will not be able to walk the alpacas. All ages are welcomed but there will be no strollers allowed on the trail.  "Backpacking" your very young children will be allowed. Closed toed shoes are required.  Long pants are suggested (even in summer). 



Adults (12 and over) - $30

Kids (6-11) - $20

5 and under: FREE


Treks will start in early May and are weather dependent.  Contact us at for more info or to reserve a trek.  

Updated February 23, 2020